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Doree has been training dogs for obedience, pet therapy and search & rescue for 17 years.  Two of her Border Collies have earned their CD, RN, RA titles in addition to being certified FEMA disaster canines.  Doree has worked with two different Urban Search and Rescue Task Forces as a Canine Search Specialist for a total of 13 years and was deployed with her canine partner Faith to hurricanes Irene and Sandy. Doree has taught at the Dog Scouts Mini Camp in Texas and the Dog Scouts Mini Camp in Maryland.    Two of her Border Collies have earned their IMPROV titles,...

Brenda Katz

Hi, I breed and raise Silken Windhounds.. I am part of Dog Scouts of America as well as K9 Raticals which is a barn hunt group.  I have recently become invlolved with Parkour for dogs which is why I wanted to have some sort of training log ....

Ginny Thompson

I teach other people how to work with their dogs using positive, force free methods. And yet I have difficulty finding time to train my own dog as a busy mom of 2 young daughters while following my dream of owning my own training business. I'm looking forward to using this tool for my own training endeavors but also to refer to my clients to help them reach their goals and beyond!

Lowell Zuckerman

Lowell Zuckerman helps people have the dog they want with the dog they have using relationship-based, force-free, and scientifically proven methods. His training interests include problem behavior modification, basic manners, tricks, and agility. He thoroughly enjoys helping people be successful in creating harmony in their canine households. Lowell has a solid background in canine behavior and training methods. He has been training dogs for over 15 years, including the multiple dogs he and his wife currently share. He has been a trainer in HSHV’s Head Start program, which helps make shelter  dogs more adoptable, and currently trains exotic animals including warthogs, reindeer, and emus...