Privacy Policy

Updated 3/21/2016

Our formal Privacy Policy is not yet written. Below are the technical details that will guide the development of our Privacy Policy.

Technical Details for Privacy Policy

  • The details on your “My Public Profile” page are always public. If you are concerned about this, consider using a fake name you only tell your friends.

  • Your email address is always private. You can change it at any time.

    • We will never sell or rent your email address. We do not send marketing emails to our users: if we were ever to create a marketing list, it would be separate from our database of users and opt-in only.

    • We do send transactional emails to our users: email confirmations, reset password instructions, and notifications of messages you receive through our site.

    • If you do not wish to receive notifications from us about messages you receive from friends and the owners of groups you join, you may unsubscribe from them.

  • The list of Groups you own is always public.

  • Privacy of your Dogs, Logs, Group Memberships, and Recent Activity (for users following you) depends on your “Privacy” setting, found on the “My Public Profile” page.

    • If you set “Privacy” to “Everyone”, anyone (including anonymous visitors such as search engines) will be able to see your Group Memberships, Dogs,Training Logs, and Recent Activity.

    • If you set “Privacy” to “Followers Only”, others will be able to follow you without needing approval. Followers will also be able to see your Group Memberships, Dogs,Training Logs, and Recent Activity.

    • If you set “Privacy” to “Invited Followers Only”, you will have to click either the “Follow” or the “Allow Access” button on a person’s profile page to allow them to see your Group Memberships, Dogs, Training Logs, or Recent Activity.

  • Groups “Privacy” setting is essentially the same; participation and inclusion in the group require permission unless this setting is left on “Everyone”.

  • Any specific Dogs or Logs you add to a Group are visible to its participants.

  • If there is a specific user that is causing problems for you, you can “Block” that user. They will not be able to interact with you, or see your Dogs, Logs, or Recent Activity.

  • Groups may also block a troublemaking user, who will then be excluded from the Group’s pages and barred from further participation in it.