Wilderness SAR (Airscent, Trailing, Cadaver, etc.)


All humans, alive or dead, constantly emit microscopic particles bearing human scent. Millions of these are airborne and are carried by the wind for considerable distances. The air scenting SAR dog is trained to locate the scent of any human in a specific search area. The dog is not restricted to the missing person's track and can search long after the track is obliterated. Many air scenting search dogs are also trained in trailing/scent discrimination. (from NASAR website)



Doree has been training dogs for obedience, pet therapy and search & rescue for 17 years.  Two of her Border Collies have earned their CD, RN, RA titles in addition to being certified FEMA disaster canines.  Doree has worked with two different Urban Search and Rescue Task Forces as a Canine Search Specialist for a total of 13 years and was deployed with her canine partner Faith to hurricanes Irene and Sandy. Doree has taught at the Dog Scouts Mini Camp in Texas and the Dog Scouts Mini Camp in Maryland.    Two of her Border Collies have earned their IMPROV titles,...