Sue Ailsby's Level Training


By breaking behaviours down into tiny pieces and working each tiny piece in many different situations, we're able to give you AND your dog early and continuing success - which is the foundation of learning and teaching - not to mention a lot more fun than being frustrated later!

I am taking a Training Levels - Level 1 class at the Bronze level with Sue Ailsby through the Denize Fenzi Academy.

If you don't know about Sue Ailsby, you should go to her website and look into her methods



Doree has been training dogs for obedience, pet therapy and search & rescue for 17 years.  Two of her Border Collies have earned their CD, RN, RA titles in addition to being certified FEMA disaster canines.  Doree has worked with two different Urban Search and Rescue Task Forces as a Canine Search Specialist for a total of 13 years and was deployed with her canine partner Faith to hurricanes Irene and Sandy. Doree has taught at the Dog Scouts Mini Camp in Texas and the Dog Scouts Mini Camp in Maryland.    Two of her Border Collies have earned their IMPROV titles,...