Dog Training Log is a place where you can track any type of dog training activity and keep in touch with other dog trainers. There are too many types of dog classes, sports, and services to name them all, but here are just a few:

  • K9 Search and Rescue
  • Dog Agility
  • Dog Obedience
  • Tracking Dogs
  • Dock Diving
  • Treibball
  • Nose Work
  • Therapy Dogs
  • Service Dogs

A Place to Track Your Dog Training

Each time you train your dog you make a record of your progress with a log on Dog Training Log. People you know or meet on our site can follow your activity in their recent activity feed. Users can organize themselves into groups, which have their own recent activity feeds.

You have the option to track detailed environmental conditions such as weather and terrain (modeled after the complex paper logs that many canine police dog trainers, military dog trainers, and K9 SAR trainers use).

To help you find out what rewards work best and how your dog training is progressing over time, we include some interesting charts on the "Reports" page found on your own Profile, Groups, and Dogs.

If you want ultimate control or just want to take your data elsewhere, you can export your logs in order to use a spreadsheet application to generate custom reports.

Designed around Animal Behavior

Dog Training Log was created by people train dogs, and who are up on the latest science about dog behavior; people who understand operant conditioning, positive reinforcement, and successive approximation. (Don't worry, being an expert is not required!)

We operate from the assumption that you will be using reward-based training, and we allow you to track the distance, duration, distractions, and successes on your training logs.

Privacy Settings

Concerned about privacy? We've got you covered. Use the "Privacy" setting on your Public Profile -- only users you authorize here will be able to see what you're up to. If you choose "Everyone", anyone can see your Dogs and Logs. If you choose "Followers Only", only people following you can see your Dogs and Logs. If you choose "Invited Followers Only", people will also have to request permission to follow you. 

Block specific users if needed, and you won't hear from them anymore. Group owners can also block from groups if necessary, and groups have their own "Privacy" option. This would be useful if, for example, you wanted to allow only the members of a real-life dog training group or dog training class to join your group on Dog Training Log.

Ways to Keep in Touch

Find out what your friends and associates are doing on the Recent Activity page. Join groups that interest you, and be inspired by the dog training efforts of others. The owner of a group can also access reports on the logs added to it, to see how that group is performing over time.

You can keep in touch with your friends on Dog Training Log using our private message system (Look for "Inbox" near the upper right hand corner). You can choose whether to be notified of incoming messages via email, without having to share your email address with anyone. Unsubscribe from these notifications any time, using the link under the dropdown with your username on it.

Premium Features

In addition to being able to add groups and additional dogs (past the 5 free dogs), paid users can enhance their private messages with images and files. They can also create slideshows on their logs, embed YouTube videos, and upload file attachments.

You can even export your group members' submitted logs and their attachments for full control of your data.