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Kaiya K9

Kaiya K9 recorded a Training Log

05/17/2018 09:46 AM

0.3 Hours

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Kaiya K9

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05/17/2018 09:43 AM



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05/07/2018 01:44 PM

Griff Griffin


Doree recorded a Training Log

04/20/2018 09:14 AM

4.0 Hours

Down by the riverside

Etta came from Hope with some of the sources she bought at the FACTS seminar.  We worked by the dog park in the trees and by the water.  There were many ducks, a few ground squirrels and occaisional visitors to the dog park.  The sources from FACTS were pie balls and cloth that had been in contact with human remains.  I brought a knee cap, bloody dirt from a gunshot suicide and teeth.

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Doree recorded a Training Log

04/17/2018 12:13 PM

1.0 Hour

Obedience Class

Nina did well at heeling but needs work on stay and waiting at the door.

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Doree recorded a Training Log

03/23/2018 06:46 PM

48.9 Hours

Kelsey hides three sources and two distractions

Kelsey was visiting on spring break so I asked her to hide three sources (teeth and bones, paper towel from decomp slime, burned knee cap)  and two distractions (kibble and candy cane).  She videoed while Riot and I worked the area near the flume.   There is a covered pavilion, a windmill and rocks in this area.  No other people were around.  I watched the video to identify Riot's body language when on source so that I was not relying solely on the bark alert since Riot also likes to bark for other reasons.


DocnTanner recorded a Training Log

03/21/2018 04:57 PM

0.2 Hours


Worked with Tanner using three 'pipes'.  Reinforced him for finding the pipe with the odor and for finding odor and for keeping his nose in the pipe with the odor.  He is starting to understand and to 'hunt' for the odor.  .  

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03/21/2018 04:51 PM