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Lowell Zuckerman

Lowell Zuckerman added a Dog

04/01/2016 08:44 AM

Maebe Shultz Kennels Should we?

Ginny Thompson

Ginny Thompson recorded a Training Log

03/26/2016 08:07 PM

0.3 Hours

Body wrap, TTouch, Mindful walking

Moderate energy level before we started. Received the body wrap while standing in position nicely. TTouch was brief - This was our 5th session - Neko still does not seem to connect with the new types of touches but seems to just want me to pet her like normal so we'll take our tiime with it. The mindful walking was ok. This was our 2nd session. She heels nicely so I haven't used the leash yet. (Before working on this outside I'll need to teach her to be calm when she sees the leash.) Neko walked nicely but not calmly. Her...

Ginny Thompson

Ginny Thompson recorded a Training Log

03/25/2016 07:13 PM

1.0 Hour

BAT and loose leash walk

Mark and Move with a bird at 20 feet - No lunging forward, offering look away within 3 seconds. Heeled past the trigger after 3 M&M trials Mark and Move with a squirrel at 15 feet - Did lunge forward one time and difficult to call away. 2 Mark and Moves - backed up, did not look away. Heeled past the area where the squirrel had been - Had to stop and use LAT a couple times before Neko calmed again and we were able to go back to a calm walk in the woods. BAT in the open area in...

Ginny Thompson

Ginny Thompson added a Dog

03/25/2016 06:49 PM

Neko Neko

My family and I adopted Neko from our local humane society when she was 11 months old. My previous 2 dogs were working Border Collies so Neko is a very different dog for me. Challenging to say the least. We are slowly warming up to agility but, more importantly, Neko needs to learn to be calm in the presence of new stimuli. We will be working towards our training goals using DS/CC techniques and BAT. 


Deb added a Dog

03/24/2016 04:30 PM